This all started with a conversation about advertising. We were evaluating ad buy opportunities in a few multifamily publications and we were frustrated. Sure, we’d reach a select audience who could appreciate the quality product we offer, but we’d also be limited in our ability to tell the story we wanted to tell. Compounded by the fact that the costs were high and the reach was not always ideal for us, an ad buy was seeming more and more like a missed opportunity. A close friend in the publishing industry, who at the time was the editor-in-chief of a 16 million monthly circulation magazine, asked me: “Why don’t you just start your own magazine?”

Renovator magazine is about our desire to be a different kind of multifamily renovation contractor. We want to creatively communicate, inspire and help our clients be the best they can be at what they do. We want to share insights, trends and other valuable information to the owners and investors we work with. In short, we want to have a dialogue with you. You’re a part of a select audience for this inaugural issue of Renovator. Your feedback will help us with future issues.

You hold in your hands the beginning of a journey together. Katerra would not be what it is today without you. The trust you have placed in us over the past 15 years has helped us grow, learn and evolve. We continue to move forward with you in this publication effort.

Over the past months, we have partnered with some incredibly talented, award-winning men and women in the publishing industry to bring you something compelling and unique. We hope to continue to make Renovator magazine bigger and better as we navigate a new medium. But much like our commercial success, our editorial success hinges on you.

So with that, we’re going on a journey.
Want to come?
jr bolos